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2-3 - Rangers return to Texas, 2014 returns to Rangers

It was a Mr. Hyde kind of day for the Rangers as they followed up yesterday's 10-1 win with a dud in the home opener.

"It's a black day for Rangers baseball"
"It's a black day for Rangers baseball"
Pretzel Wagon

It keeps happening. Derek Holland, 2nd inning: Shoulder soreness. Shin-Soo Choo, 3rd inning: Back spasms. 6th inning: Ryan Rua, Sprained ankle. The ride never ends.

Player of the Game: Anthony Bass came in for emergency duty after Derek Holland left in the second inning. Bass went five innings of one-run ball to save the bullpen. His reward will be a trip to Round Rock as he'll likely be optioned for an outfielder or a fresh arm.