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Selected comments from the Rangers website

The official Texas Rangers website has a story on all the Rangers injuries. And the comments...oh, the comments...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Over at the official Texas Rangers website, there is a story by T.R. Sullivan about Derek Holland's shoulder injury, as well as Ryan Rua likely heading for the D.L. and Shin-Soo Choo leaving the game with back spasms.

And there are comments to that article, from readers who felt their invaluable input was needed.

Let's check out some of the brilliance that is available...


This team's strength / conditioning group is a joke


@nathankc The entire team is a joke!  Beginning with the coaches!!

nathankc and ANGRYMAN have appeared to have identified the problem here.  The team's strength and conditioning group, the coaches, and the entire team.  Good job, guys!


So good to have a contract. Better still not needing Obamacare. What has happened to real MLB players?

ROSINBAG1 has a good point here...what HAS happened to real MLB players?  You think Nolan Ryan would have let a shoulder injury keeping him from throwing that Texas High Heat, or putting Robin Ventura in a headlock?

What pansies.



they should change the name of the "DL"  to the "free money express".

the guaranteed contracts are killing baseball.

thundherr_westmojo is onto something here.  I bet the only reason Ryan Rua, a 17th round draft pick who, prior to his promotion in August of 2014, had probably made less than $50,000 playing professional baseball, is pretending to have a sprained ankle is because of that $500,000 he'll make this year.  That, you know, he only gets while he's in the majors.  And that he won't get in future years if he isn't in the majors.


All the injuries last year and Yu and now Holland this year.   Why bother anymore.......


@commenter You hafta "bother" in order to collect the tens of millions of dollars these malcontents take home.  Would you "bother" if you had to in order to enjoy that reward??  Worth the bother...of course, telecasting our National Pastime on Free TV would make it a more acceptable bother...


@BaliMan @commenter

Hollands effort did appear to be a formality to keep the money coming while on the DL.

at least he didn't  blame it on his dog this time.

I think thundherr_westmojo and BaliMan have cracked the case!  Nevermind the reports from the folks who were in the clubhouse and who talked to Holland, the people who indicated he was devastated about the injury...

These two internet geniuses have figured out he's just faking!  Just like he faked an injury last year (that required surgery, and lengthy, difficult rehab) so he could collect money without pitching!


Should NEVER have traded Michael Young.  Showed the players the ownership could care less about any of them....Young was the face of the team for more than a decade.  Hamilton left, Kinsler left, Napoli left....and all you got in return was Fatman at 1B and an Odor on 2B.   Everybody clever enough to get out of playing for this team is doing so....record number of "injuries."  Injuries like...."We stink, can you please look at my shoulder?"  Never seen a team sink so low....Mr. Ryan may have been one great pitcher; but, as an executive, he's a significant part of this team's decline.

How has the Fort Worth Star-Telegram not scooped up BaliMan and given him a Sunday column yet?


Proof Holland is soft.

Disappointed we didn't get a " 'Nuff said." at the end of this comment.


all aboard the gravy train called DL !

good grief.   just cut him already.

Sweet Ranger Captain avatar there, thundherr_westmojo.  And you're right, let's just cut Derek Holland.  That will solve everything.


Sorry, but we simply cannot count on Holland anymore.  2 years ago it was diarrhea for a month, last year it was a dog and a flight of stairs. This year we heard all this chatter about how he was poised to take off this year due to his off season preparation and commitment. What do you know, his left arm goes flaccid right out of the gate.  Give his spot to Bass until he shows he can't handle it. I apologize if this sounds mean spirited at all, not meant to be. I'm just disappointed. I was actually expecting him to miss some time at some point this season, just not right out of the gate, especially since he was deemed physically ready to get after it. Very, very peculiar.

I must have missed Holland's month-long spate of diarrhea.


the offense is the real problem. imo.  not pitching.

do you remember when wash was awesome at shifting the line up around and the team would produce more runs?    wash was very good at it for most of his time in Texas. last 2 seasons excluded. imo.

has banister been experimenting with the line up, looking for the hot combo ?

would you move the order around?

i heard the radio guys talking about moving elvis to 7 or 8 in the lineup.

Wash's awesome shifting of the lineup around must have occurred in that same time period when I missed Holland's diarrhea.  The big complaint about Wash was always that he stuck with the same lineup too much.

Anyway...all of you who ask, "Who is possibly out there who enjoys reading Randy Galloway's columns?"  I think we have our answer.