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Thoughts on a 6-4 Rangers loss

Astros 6, Rangers 4

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Astros 6, Rangers 4

  • Losing a series, at home, to the Astros is never going to feel okay.
  • At least it took 14 innings for Houston to beat Texas today.
  • Frustrating game for Colby Lewis...he was great, other than in the second inning.  But in the second inning, he gave up a double, a triple and a pair of homers, allowing four runs to score.  From the third through the seventh inning, Colby faced 16 batters.  The only one to reach base reached on an error.  Colby was terrific for most of the game.  But one bad inning was enough.
  • A pair of runs in the seventh, and two more runs in the eighth, were enough to get the Rangers tied.  But despite several opportunities, Texas could getting the winning run home.
  • Neftali Feliz, Phil Klein and Shawn Tolleson have all pitched in three straight games.  Anthony Bass threw the equivalent of a start on Friday, and Logan Verrett threw 27 pitches today.  I have to think the Rangers, with Ross Detwiler taking the mound tomorrow, will make a move to bring up a fresh arm to fortify the pen.  Alex Claudio threw two innings today, so my guess is that Spencer Patton will get the nod, with Phil Klein going down.
  • Prince Fielder had three hits, and Carlos Peguero, who came into the game as a pinch hitter, had a hit and a pair of walks.  Fielder isn't hitting for power, but he's getting on base, which is a good thing.  And, it would be nice if the Rangers uncovered something with him.