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Lisalverto Bonilla to have Tommy John Surgery, Ryan Rua has heel fracture

In your daily triage report, the Rangers have only one new broken bone and one new severed ligament to announce

See you in 2017, verto.
See you in 2017, verto.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Here's some news:

Oh wait, that's not news. That is life for the meat grinder that is the Texas Rangers org.

Lisalverto Bonilla went from rotation candidate early this spring to sidelined with arm issues in late March. Dr. Keith Meister will now perform Tommy John surgery on Bonilla this Friday which means he'll be out until mid-2016 at the earliest. Though he was probably not slated for action in Texas in the near future, his injury does ding the Rangers' pitching depth further in an already devastating April.

Ryan Rua left Monday's home opener with a bad ankle sprain. Or so we thought. Turns out he actually has a small non-displaced fracture in his heel and will be kept in a boot for the next three weeks before being reevaluated. Looks like it's time for Carlos Peguero to show he's more than a AAAA player as you can expect to see him getting the bulk of at-bats against right-handers while Rua is out.

Cross your fingers that no one loses a limb in tonight's game.


So Rua did actually have a sprained ankle but also has a broken bone. Can someone get the Rangers some milk or something? Is calcium a performance enhancing drug?