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Thursday Morning Links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ranaudo verdict: he was, indeed, "available."  Now let us never speak of him again.

Delino Deshields led off yesterday, and wasn't able to leadership Ranaudo into not sucking.  Randy Jennings' notes column tells us that Deshields appropriately venerates Jackie Robinson and that Elvis is throwing shade at Prince Fielder.

Jennings' Rapid Reactions note that Ranaudo's terrible performance was mostly irrelevant since an anemic Ranger offense only mustered 2 runs.

Tim Cowlishaw wonders about trading for Josh Hamilton and insists it totally isn't Crayolas.

T.R. Sullivan previews the series in Seattle, noting that Nelson Cruz has been wielding the boomstick.

Phil Klein, Jon Edwards, and Ranaudo are all experiencing the joy of having options remaining, although presumably only Ranaudo is experiencing that joy while Ranger fans scream "And take your stupid Ants in the Pants with you!"

There were a few missed opportunities on close plays that could have stopped the 6 run Angel 2nd.

Gerry Fraley has some notes from the Ranger minor league system.

Tanner Scheppers threw at someone while pitching a rehab assignment for Frisco and will be fined and possibly suspended from minor league play.

Gerry Fraley has a game report but, really, who cares.

Evan Grant updates his reporter notebook on Elvis Andrus and Rougned Odor.

And finally, does it often seem like most of your coworkers are either completely apathetic or actively opposed to your employer's mission?  Of course it does, because you are probably apathetic or actively opposed, at least going by the odds.