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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Texas Rangers and Barry Bonds Nelson Cruz

I remember this
I remember this
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Good morning. The Rangers were so close to their first series win yesterday and then Nelson Cruz happened all over their dumb faces.

Jeff Wilson pulls no punches and writes that the Rangers simply blew one yesterday and it's hard to argue with that. I don't even remember the last time a team failed to win a game in which they twice had a five run lead.

T.R. Sullivan writes that it was late walks killed the beast of a game for the Rangers on Sunday.

Evan Grant runs down the horror that was yesterday's contest writing that there's bad losses and then there's the Rangers on April 19, 2015.

Sullivan writes that hey, at least Anthony Bass continues to be the best Texas Ranger.

Besides the walk-off loss thing there at the end, perhaps the worst part of yesterday's game was when the Ross Detwiler was staked to a 7-2 lead in the third and then looked like garbage in the bottom of the inning before allowing Cruz's second home run of the game to cut the lead to 7-5. Nevertheless, because the Rangers put themselves in the position where they've made Detwiler a starter, Grant writes that Jeff Banister is inclined to give him more chances.

Sullivan continues to serve the sunny side of despair by noting that at least the Rangers' bats finally came to life with a season-high 13 hits yesterday.

Anthony Andro has a break down of the broke down weekend series against the Mariners.

Some intern at ESPN writes that the Rangers won't make Russell Wilson play baseball despite what you've heard him tell Bryant Gumbel.

Speaking of ESPN's coverage of the Rangers, this is still the front page of ESPN Dallas as of 7:46 a.m. this morning:

I miss you, Richard.

The DMN has a slideshow showing how the top prospects on the farm are doing so far this season including an update on Nick Williams raking at Frisco.

Jeff Wilson has notes on NL rules affecting the Rangers this week, Banister's stance on first inning bunts, and Nick Martinez's early season success.

Finally, over at Lone Star Ball's Facebook, the Question of the Week asked if you would welcome Josh Hamilton back to the Rangers. As you may imagine, the responses were mixed.

Have a nice day.