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Series Preview: Texas Rangers @ Anaheim Angels - Big A

The Rangers finish up their west road trip with their first action at the Big A this year

Low midi-chlorian count
Low midi-chlorian count
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rejoice as with the Rangers playing the Angels over the weekend comes a cornucopia of opportunity to feast on the annual plethora of new Mike Scioscia Face moments. Like vintage fine wine, Scioscia Face only gets better with age. Here are ten Mike Scioscia Faces to sustain you until tonight's game:


We call this Mike Scioscia Face standard. This is the Coca Cola Classic of Scioscia Face. When Scioscia Face is inducted into the Hall of Fame, this will be on the plaque.


This is Pepsi Clear Scioscia Face. It's rare. It displays a sense of contrition. People feel sorry for it.


A new Full House series? Oh, Mike Scioscia's face has had it up to here with nostalgia.


This is the Scioscia Face of a man who was given Barry Enright as bullpen help.


"It was about the characters, not the mystery!" Mike Scioscia explaining the ending of LOST to two guys just trying to do their jobs.


"And here comes Mike Scioscia out of the dugout to complain about a call for 15 minutes that he was clearly misguided about. Oh, would you look at that, he actually just wants a hug."


Uh oh, Mike Scioscia just saw a child smile.


Something funny just happened or Mike Scioscia remembered that part in Requiem for a Dream when that screw up got his arm amputated.


If it's in the game, it's in the game indeed.


Here Mike Scioscia wonders if some jerk is talking about his face on the Internet.

Series Schedule:

Friday, April 24 9:05 pm: RHP Garrett Richards vs LHP Wandy Rodriguez

Saturday, April 25 8:05 pm: LHP C.J. Wilson vs RHP Colby Lewis

Sunday, April 26 2:35 pm: LHP Hector Santiago vs RHP Nick Martinez

Go Rangers!

Anaheim Angels (7-9, 3rd Place in AL West)

Rangers' Record vs. Angels: 1-2 (First series at Anaheim)

Anaheim's Recent Results: 2-1 home series win over the Oakland A's

Anaheim's Home Record: 5-4

Angels Stadium Park Factors (LHB/RHB): HR: 83/93 - Runs: 95/92

SB Nation Angels Blog:

Match-up: (as of 04/24) Rangers Angels Advantage
Batting (RAR) -15.2 (27th) -12.7 (24th) At least Prince Fielder is good
Base Running (RAR) 0.4 (10th) -0.9 (23rd) Adrian Beltre is contributing to the Rangers on the base paths
Starters (RAR) 5.7 5.3 Let's see what you've got, Wandy
Bullpen (RAR) 6.5 (5th) 1.3 (22nd) Shawn Tolleson is tied with Prince Fielder for the team lead with 0.5 WAR
Defense (UZR) The Rangers aren't good at fielding Neither are the Angels Yuckers
Overall (UZR + RAR) -2.6 -7.0 The Rangers!

Questions to Answer:

  • Yay or Nay: Mike Trout wins a World Series with the Angels?
  • Who is your Return of the McLemore Approved Player to Watch in this series? (This has to be when Shin-Soo Choo breaks out, right?)
  • Over/Under: 6.5 camera shots of Mike Scioscia looking like Drew Butera beefed in the dugout during this series?
  • What's your guess for line (IP/H/K/BB/ER) by Wandy Rodriguez in his Rangers debut tonight?
  • Does Josh Hamilton ever wear an Angels uniform in a big league game again?