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Rougned Odor returns to the lineup today

After getting yesterday off, Rougned Odor returns to the lineup today, playing second base and batting 9th

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Rougned Odor has been mired in a slump, and so with lefty C.J. Wilson going for the Angels yesterday, Adam Rosales got the start at second base, with Odor getting most of the game off (he came in late as a pinch hitter).  Odor is, not surprisingly, back in the lineup today.

The Rangers lineup:

Leonys -- CF

Smolinski -- LF

Fielder -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Moreland -- 1B

Elvis -- SS

Choo -- RF

Corporan -- C

Odor -- 2B

Nick Martinez is the starting pitcher for Texas.