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Texas Rangers rumors: Josh Hamilton deal expected this afternoon

Per T.R. Sullivan, the Josh Hamilton trade is expected to happen this afternoon

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  Josh Hamilton is expected to be traded to the Rangers from the Angels this afternoon, according to T.R. Sullivan on Twitter.

The deal has supposedly largely been in place since Friday, with details just having to be worked out regarding some of the financials.  Multiple reports indicate that MLB and the MLBPA have to approve the deal, because of the amount of money Anaheim is sending to Texas in this deal (Texas is reportedly going to pay less than $7M of the $83M Hamilton was originally due) and because Hamilton is giving up some guaranteed money due to there being no income tax in Texas, and due to him getting an opt-out after the 2016 season.

Hamilton is on the disabled list due to shoulder surgery he had earlier in the year, but the expectation is that he will be ready to go on a rehab assignment before too long.  Once he's gotten some games in the minors under his belt, it appears he'll be back in the majors with the Rangers.