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7-13 - Magadan updates his resume as Rangers go down quietly again

I'm pretty sure I selected this game from a DVR recording because I feel like I've seen it before

Not even Adam Rosales' face brings me joy these days
Not even Adam Rosales' face brings me joy these days
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Ross Detwiler wasn't dumpster fire bad the first three innings or so tonight. But he wasn't particularly good either and after the first time through the order he got hit a little to all but confirm our suspicions that he's a reliever.

All the while, Steve Busby went disappointed grouchy grandpa on Derek Holland for goofing off in the dugout during an interview with Nick Martinez.

I don't know, man. Just read any other Post Game Thread from the past few weeks. This was the same game the Rangers have played nearly every night this season. Lots of LOBs. No RISP karma.

Player of the Game: In for the mentally-resting Shin-Soo Choo, Delino DeShields Jr. hit the hardest ball by a Ranger in days to the gap in left-center for an RBI double to plate the Rangers' lone run. This is what the Rangers are now. This is the life we chose.