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Thoughts on a 2-1 Rangers loss

Mariners 2, Rangers 1

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Mariners 2, Rangers 1

  • This is getting a bit repetitive.
  • On the plus side, Ross Detwiler pitched pretty well.  He only made it 5.1 IP on 100 pitches, but he gave up just 2 runs, struck out 5, walked a pair...I'll take that every time out from him.
  • Anthony Bass, Shawn Tolleson and Neftali Feliz all combined to shut out the M's over the final 3.2 IP.  And it is interesting to me that Jeff Banister used Tolleson and Feliz in the 8th and 9th down a seems like, with the previous regime, you save those guys for when you are leading, and if you are down, even just by a run, you'd use the Mark Lowes of the bullpen.  I'm glad to see Banister using his best relievers in a one run game like that.
  • The offense...sigh.  Here's the batting averages for the hitters who played for the Rangers last night:  .235, .226, .350, .200, .163, .132, .185, .167, .156, .143.  A month into the season, that's awful.
  • The Ranger offense clearly isn't THIS bad.  But it is playing poorly, and its dragging this team down with it.