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7-14 - Rangers score two runs off King Felix, still lose

The Rangers scored a total of four runs in this three game sweep to the Seattle Mariners

A well-earned smirk
A well-earned smirk
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Scoring two runs off of the best right-hander in baseball for the 2015 Rangers is like the 1999 Rangers scoring 15. Unfortunately, the Mariners scored the 1999 equivalent of 27 runs.

Josh Hamilton once hit four home runs in a single game for the Texas Rangers. In this entire series against the Mariners, the Rangers scored four total runs.

Player of the Game: Carlos Peguero drove in a Adrian Beltre with a double in the second inning off of Felix Hernandez and if you know the history between those two and King Felix, it's pretty much one of the few highlights of the first month of this season.