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Thursday Morning Links

Well, maybe it's not Ian Kinsler's curse, but Nelson Cruz's.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I guess it's possible that all of this horribleness has been because Nelson Cruz is devouring our life force.  Hey, Nellie, devour Shin-Soo Choo's, I don't think he's using it.

Gerry Fraley has a post on day 2 of Josh Hamilton 2: The Hamiltoning, and Josh appears to be wearing maternity clothes in the accompanying photo.

Josh Hamilton intends to respond to Mike Scioscia's comments about his lack of remorse in his own way: with a .315 OBP and some pointed private reminisces in his poetry notebook.

Ross Detwiler feels like he made a big step forward, probably towards the bullpen where he belongs.

Unsatisfied with using a record 64 players in 2014, the Rangers used their 33rd player of 2015 last night in Kyle Blanks.

Remember to vote for the Rangers on the All Star ballot before they're all horribly injured!

Randy Jennings has some rapid reactions to last night's game.

Jennings also has a profile of Kyle Blanks, who has had a career full of injuries and can serve as a capable surgical dummy for Keith Meister.

Mangerial Magic Eight Ball Jeff Banister said of Kyle Blanks, "he is playing first base tonight, the rest is yet to be seen."

Shin-Soo Choo put on his Michael Stipe mask (and baldcap, I guess) to say that his numbers are awful but "I feel fine."

T.R. Sullivan notes that a game started by Felix Hernandez and Wandy Rodriguez went about how you would expect it to go.

The struggling Ranger offense is hoping to put a terrible offensive April behind them by looking forward to a terrible offensive May.

And, finally, here's an explanation of the process of ostracism, where a public figure would be thrown out of Athens for being an assclown.