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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Texas Rangers and Gray days

Your 2015 Texas Rangers highlight
Your 2015 Texas Rangers highlight
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. I hoped for at least a week before cynicism and snarkiness. Dangit, Rangers. You know they'd have gotten at least two hits if Tim Bogar were still manager.

Evan Grant writes that history was made last night as the Jeff Banister era began while Sonny Gray and the A's flirted with history of their own in an 8-0 beating.

T.R. Sullivan's game recap is about a single off the bat of Ryan Rua in the 8th inning because that's all that happened for Texas last night.

Jeff Wilson's game story reminds you that it is only 1 of 162 which is also pretty much what the Rangers batted last night.

Katy Clarke's write-up mentions that, in addition to Gray carving up the Rangers' anatomy, new Athletic Ben Zobrist announced himself as a thorn in the Rangers' side.

Wilson writes that the Rangers' lineup is ordered in an attempt to work pitchers and scratch out runs if you're curious as to what the Rangers were trying to do last night at the plate.

Grant notes that Shin-Soo Choo's spot in the lineup might be fluid this season with him hitting fifth last night after spending last season as the leadoff hitter and most of spring hitting third.

Sullivan writes that the Rangers finally got Choo, Prince Fielder, and Mitch Moreland back together in the same lineup and the same time. And well, whoops-a-daisy.

Grant examines how Gray dominated the Rangers by endlessly pumping in quality strikes wherever he wanted them all night.

Rangers' Opening Day starter Yovani Gallardo couldn't throw anything where he wanted last night in his Rangers debut, as Sullivan reports.

Sullivan notes that the Rangers have signed LHP Wandy Rodriguez to a minor league deal.

In Wilson's notes he writes that the Ranger rookies weren't nervous for Opening Day, more on the Rodriguez signing, and a note on Roman Mendez having an unheralded spring.

Sullivan previews the second game of the season as the Rangers get back on the horse with Colby Lewis to the mound facing Oakland's Jesse Hahn.

Finally, Joseph Ursery writes a season preview from the darkest timeline to show what will happen but even the darkest timeline didn't foresee the Rangers almost getting no-hit on Opening Day which makes one wonder if his timeline is dark enough or maybe there is an even darker darkest timeline and we're residing in it.

Have a nice day.