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Thoughts on an 8-0 Rangers loss

Thoughts on an 8-0 Rangers loss

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A's 8, Rangers 0

  • Well, that's not the way we wanted the season to start.
  • There's really not much to say about yesterday's game.  If you want to look for a bright side to this, Sonny Gray was dominant yesterday, and at least we didn't burn a well-played game against a guy who was pretty well untouchable.
  • If you were taking a dim view of this season, every fear you had about 2015 was borne out yesterday.  The offense was terrible, Yovani Gallardo couldn't get through five innings, the bullpen got knocked around, and the defense was sloppy, with Elvis Andrus making a bad error on his first play of the season, and Robinson Chirinos letting a couple of balls get past him that you'd like to think he could have stopped.
  • Of course, if it were a mid-June game, we'd shrug it off as just one of those games.  Because it was Opening Day, everything is magnified.
  • #2 of 162 is tonight, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Colby Lewis can do.