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1-1 - Rangers celebrate Adrian Beltre's birthday with a victory

Everyone can relax as the Rangers have many hits, some runs, and a win under their belt

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Banister is a winning manager. The Rangers are 1-1. Adrian Beltre exists. Colby Lewis can still pitch. Keone Kela is for real. Prince Fielder is driving in runs. Neftali Feliz got the job done. Wins are fun.

Lewis had a nice first start of the season going six strong innings. He was struggling in the first inning when Birthday boy Adrian Beltre made an amazing over-the-shoulder catch down the line in Oakland's spacious foul territory. Colby got out of the jam and cruised. All three runs for the Rangers came from hits off of Prince Fielder's bat.

Player of the Game: Keone Kela made his much anticipated MLB debut in the 7th inning and couldn't control his heralded fastball. He turned to his improving change-up to get a strikeout and inning-ending double play to keep the score 3-1. Kela's going to be fun to watch.