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Thoughts on a 10-0 Rangers loss

Another stomping

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

A's 10, Rangers 0

  • Can I just cut-and-paste my "Thoughts" from Opening Day?
  • As with the Opening Day loss, the A's beat up on one of the Rangers' starting pitchers.  Unlike Opening Day, the rotation member is someone who is viewed as a question mark, rather than a solid piece.  Ross Detwiler was acquired with an eye towards giving him a chance to move back into the rotation after working out of the bullpen the previous few years.  And he pitched like a converted reliever -- doing well his first couple of innings, then falling apart.
  • Its just one game for Detwiler, just like it was just one game for Yovani Gallardo on Opening Day.  But with Chi Chi Gonzalez having made a legitimate push for a spot in the Opening Day rotation, Detwiler-as-starter being a sort of experiment anyway, and no lefties in the bullpen right now, Detwiler's rope may be fairly short.
  • Logan Verrett made his major league debut, and gave up a couple of runs.  Phil Klein, at least, threw a shutout inning in his appearance.
  • The offense didn't do anything, for the second time in three games, and the defense was terrible.  Elvis Andrus was charged with two errors, and even though one of them was a pretty debatable ruling, he still has three other errors in the first three games.  This is not consistent with him being better defensively this year, like the Rangers need him to be.
  • Also...there was bad defense all around yesterday, but Prince Fielder, in particular, stood out.  He didn't scoop a very catchable ball from Elvis, couldn't find the bag on a play where the Rangers could have doubled a runner off of first base, and then had an embarrassing blown play on a popup that is all over your social media feeds this morning.  I've been dismissive of the suggestions that he needs to move to DH, but man...that was painful...
  • On the plus side, Delino DeShields, Jr., got his first major league hit.  Yay!
  • Despite all this, the Rangers are still in a position to get a split of the series with a win this afternoon.