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Texas Rangers lineup: Banister juggles order, puts Fielder at DH

Jeff Banister shakes up the lineup for today's getaway day afternoon game in Oakland

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup:  After being shut out in two of the first three games, Jeff Banister is shaking up the batting order for game 4 of the season.

Shin-Soo Choo has been moved up to the #2 spot in the lineup today, replacing Elvis Andrus, who has been dropped to the #7 spot in the order.  Elvis has hit in the #2 spot in the first three games.  Adrian Beltre, meanwhile, has been moved from the cleanup spot to #3.

Interestingly, on the heels of Prince Fielder's disastrous game in the field yesterday, Mitch Moreland is playing first base today.  Prince is in the lineup, but is the DH, and is hitting cleanup.

The full lineup:

Leonys -- CF

Choo -- RF

Beltre -- 3B

Prince -- DH

Rua -- LF

Moreland -- 1B

Elvis -- SS

Odor -- 2B

Corporan -- C

Nick Martinez is starting for the Rangers today, against Kendall Graveman.