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Wednesday Morning Links

Rangers come together as a team to waste 9th inning heroics by Adrian Beltre

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If you've ever wondered why we're having so many injury problems, take note that Prince Fielder and Delino Deshields are causing themselves avoidable pain because "hey, why not?"

Jeff Banister says Prince Fielder can't spend the entire season playing DH and eating prescription donuts.

Ron Washington emerged from his burrow and saw his shadow, assuring 6 more years of catastrophic Ranger injuries.

Gerry Fraley recaps last night's game as a reversal of fortunes, with Shin-Soo Choo actually hitting like a position player and Nick Martinez pitching like he's mortal.

Evan Grant has some quotes from Rougned Odor about his demotion, including "I was not like me" and "I was more like Shin-Soo Choo from two weeks ago."

Evan also has some quotes from Josh Hamilton about fans still being angry with him, where he lists the litany of things that the fans might be pissed off about and then asks if they are familiar with the theory that once someone has apologized that they are immediately absolved of all wrongdoing.  (the thumbnail for the accompanying video is not one that will engender Hamilton sympathy)

Mitch Moreland did not "waste any hits" on his minor league rehab assignment and, Good Lord willing, he won't waste any more once he gets back to Arlington.

Hamilton says that it "just feels right" to be back in Texas.

Hey, maybe Leonys Martin should try batting without gloves, too.

Given the Ranger first base experience last year, they have decided to carry 25 first basemen on the ML roster this year.

AJM fave DeShields was caught stealing, ending his streak at 9.

Leonys Martin doesn't know when he'll return to the lineup after hurting his hand, though the smart money is on "a long time from now" because "he has dysentery."

There were several mistakes that contributed to last night's loss, including a misplayed ball by Carlos Peguero and something something Josey thread.

Randy Jennings has some rapid reactions.

Adrian Beltre came through in the 9th but the Rangers still didn't win because they don't want Adrian Beltre to be happy.

It wasn't just one Ranger that let Adrian Beltre down, though, it took a village... including Adrian Beltre.

Man, I shouldn't be disappointed in Nick Martinez merely notching a quality start, so I'm just going to be disappointed in everyone else.

Wandy Rodriguez was able to throw a bullpen session without any lingering issues from his back because season ending back surgery was a 2014 thing.

It's late and I'm tired so I'm going to be lazy and go with another neuro dog for my OT link... this one always looks like she's listening to music.