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16-22 - Rangers bullpen functions for an afternoon, therefore Texas wins

The Rangers have a pleasant Sunday afternoon where nothing terrible happens

The Ross Ohlendorf era begins
The Ross Ohlendorf era begins
Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Ross Ohlendorf is here to play the role in 2015 that Yoshinori Tateyama played in 2011. Ross Ohlendorf is here to save the bullpen. After the 'pen allowed a hundred runs this weekend, Ohlendorf was called on and pitched a scoreless sixth inning in relief of Nick Martinez's latest Houdini act. A returning Tanner Scheppers was infected by Ohlendorf's audacity for zeroes and pitched two scoreless himself. Cleveland asked not for whom the bell tolled, it tolled for Cleveland as Shawn Tolleson pitched a scoreless ninth.

Player of the Game: Mitch Moreland was a centimeter away from a two-run dong in the second inning but had to settle for an RBI double. Unhappy with cosmic design, Moreland hit a two-run dong in the sixth inning to prove that human beings have free will and are not slaves to fate.