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Notes on the Hickory Crawdads

David Lee and Mark Parker each have some notes from their observations at the Hickory Crawdads games this past weekend

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Hickory Crawdads are the Rangers' low-A affiliate in the South Atlantic League, and David Lee and Mark Parker both have recorded some observations from watching their games over the weekend.

Lee has a blog for the Augusta Chronicle, and you can check out his notes from Sunday's game (with Collin Wiles going) here, Saturday's game (when Brett Martin pitched for Hickory) here, Friday's game here, and Thursday's game (started by 2014 first rounder Luis Ortiz) here.

Mark Parker, who covers the Crawdads and tweets about them at @CrawdadsBeat, has a blog he's started up as well.  He has an interview with Hickory manager Corey Ragsdale that went up yesterday.  Parker is updating regularly, and there are some good notes throughout, including these bullet points from the May 12 game.

Hickory is off to a terrific start to the season, with a 26-9 record, and 2014 draftees Luis Ortiz and Brett Martin have been outstanding so far.  Ortiz has put up a 0.40 ERA with 22 Ks against just 3 walks in 22.1 IP, and Martin has a 2.01 ERA in 31.1 IP with 25 Ks and 6 walks.