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Wednesday Morning Links

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant asks if the Rangers ruined Neftali Feliz, and the answer is "I dunno, maybe?"

Evan also tells us that Phil Klein will be starting today, but I guess it doesn't really matter if this reliever-to-starter experiment ends in tragic disaster.

Who will pitch to David Ortiz with the game on the line?  Hopefully not Claudio.

Leonys Martin totally wasn't sitting because he's going to start being platooned.

Neftali Feliz is not disappointed with his current role with the Rangers because he has no fear and also has very little ambition.

Do you see, High Desert?  If you would be a metropolitan desert hellhole like your cousin Surprise, we wouldn't befrantically trying to find another affiliate.

Jeff Banister stoically maintains that the call upheld on replay last night doesn't matter.

Josh Hamilton is behind where he wants to be in his rehab assignment.

Phil Klein is grateful for his first major league start (and only 5th start professionally) and grateful to Ross Detwiler for sucking.

Josh Hamilton is 12-31 in his rehab starts, so get ready to have your face rocked off.  Look, optimism never hurt anyone.

Neftali Feliz is no longer the Ranger closer, and Jeff Banister will be making relief decisions by matchup.

And, finally, panda bears are doing their damndest to go extinct.