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21-23 - Weekend at Bernie's sees Rangers leave Yanks for dead

Texas sweeps the Yankees in New York to win their fifth straight game, make everyone excited for the summer

Not quite 2010 Game 4 level chicanery
Not quite 2010 Game 4 level chicanery
Al Bello/Getty Images

In the last game of the post-post-Hamilton era, the Rangers reeled off their season-high fifth straight win. Texas is now 15-10 on the road, have won consecutive series for the first time this season, and are now in sole possession of third place in the West.

It was fun watching the Rangers run roughshod over the Yankees on national TV.

Player of the Game: Prince Fielder is making the WAR stat look dumb and awful this season after murdering the crap out of the ball all season and hitting .358. Tonight Prince was 3-5 with a double, two RBI, and a line drive single that hit off the top of the wall in right.