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Josh Hamilton activated, Neftali Feliz to the disabled list

To make room for Josh Hamilton on the 25 man roster, the Rangers have put Neftali Feliz on the disabled list

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have announced that, to make room for Josh Hamilton on the 25 man roster, Neftali Feliz has been placed on the 15 day disabled list with an abscess under his right arm.  The move has been made retroactive to May 20.

Everyone knew that a move was coming, most likely to drop a pitcher, with Hamilton being activated today.  Feliz not being used this weekend, even in a blowout situation on Saturday, seemed to hint that something may have been up with him.

The Rangers will no doubt take their time bringing back Feliz, who has been erratic all season, and lost his closer's job a little over a week ago.  Feliz can be sent down on a 30 day rehab assignment to the minors, and it wouldn't surprise me if Texas kept him down there for a good portion of that time to see if he can figure out why he is throwing 96-97 mph in one outing, and then 90-91 mph in the next.