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22-23 - Rangers welcome Josh Hamilton back to the win column

Rangers don't miss a beat with Hambone back in the lineup, win their sixth straight ballgame

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After the two hottest teams in baseball got together and pummeled the other's #5 starter, the Rangers found themselves trailing 8-7 in the 7th. The league's leading hitter, Prince Fielder, drove in Delino DeShields to tie the game with a two-out single. Adrian Beltre followed with a single up the middle and then, wouldn't you know it, new/old Josh Hamilton returned to the Rangers and hit the ball that drove in the winning run.

As always for Hamilton, it was storybook fare.

It wasn't a home run or even a hit, though. The run scored when Hamilton hit one about 20 ft for an easy tapper to the mound that Cleveland reliever Zach McAllister Steve Blass'd into right field. Prince Fielder scored on the error. Elvis went deep for an insurance run. The bullpen pitched seven innings of one-run ball. Texas has won six straight games, scored 40 runs in their last four games, and are only a game under .500.

Player of the Game: Prince Fielder is ridiculous right now. Fielder hit his 9th homer of the year in the first inning and went 3-5 with 3 RBI in the game to up his batting average to .365 on the year.