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Wednesday Morning Links

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant celebrates .500 by praising the magical power of Mitch Moreland.

Gerry Fraley says there has not been much support for Rangers in the early All Star voting because, well, duh.

Leonys Martin is gaining a new appreciation for Wally Pipp.

What's the opposite of "an embarrassment of riches?"  Klein or Detwiler.

Alex Claudio is, what a shock, sore after throwing 61 pitches Monday.

Gerry Fraley's notes include Elvis Andrus being endearitating.

Don't look now, but Prince Fielder is kind of hot right now.  I mean, really, don't look, you don't want to attract the attention of the gods.

August Fagerstrom encourages you to support Prince Fielder and Adrian Beltre in the All Star voting.

He also tells us that the Rangers aren't satisfied with a .500 record, and won't stop until they've clawed their way all the way up to 3 games over.

You want a recap?  Jordan Bastian and August Fagerstrom have got your recap.

Josh Hamilton says that rejoining the Rangers is going to be fun, which may be true up until the point where his ocular jelly hardens because of Red Bull or whatever.