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2015 MLB Draft: Alex Bregman to Texas in latest Kiley McDaniel mock

Kiley McDaniel's latest mock draft has the Rangers picking LSU shortstop Alex Bregman at #4

Dave Weaver-USA Today Sports

2015 MLB Draft:  Alex Bregman, the LSU shortstop who has drawn comparisons to Dustin Pedroia, is projected to go to the Texas Rangers at #4 in the latest mock draft from Kiley McDaniel.

Interestingly, UC-Santa Barbara RHP Dillon Tate drops to six in McDaniel's projection.  The thought has been that the Rangers would grab Tate if he gets to them at four, and McDaniel mentions that as a possibility, but ultimately goes with the college hitter.

Bregman is someone who has been linked with the Rangers, the Astros, the Twins and the Red Sox, among others, and there's some thought that the Astros might take him at #2, rather than waiting to get him at #5, to make sure that they don't lose him to the Rangers.  Bregman is seen as more of a safe pick than an upside play, with a solid hit tool, but not a bunch of power or speed, and some questions about whether he'll be able to stick at shortstop, or if he'll need to move to second base.