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Friday Morning Links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, hey!  In sideshow news, Josh Hamilton got a nice ovation when he was announced in the starting lineup and didn't get immolated by the fiery flames of "baseball town" grudges when he made his first at bat.

Josh believes he can return to his previous form with the Rangers because of time machines and black magic.

Evan Grant notes Chi Chi Gonzalez being scratched from his start in El Paso amid speculation that he'll be making his major league debut on Saturday.

So the Rangers apparently don't wish to prompt Adam to end his blogging career in disgust by defiling Ian Kinsler's memory with Delino DeShields at second base.

Matt Harrison's bionic spine could start a rehab assignment as soon as next week.

According to Evan Grant's game report, Josh Hamilton drove in a run.  Oh, and we lost.

Evan's five sentences are all about essential oils and extreme couponing.

Randy Jennings celebrates Eduardo Ramirez's big league debut, where he handily defeated the Rangers 5-1.  That's also what his rapid reactions focus on.

Josh Hamilton's reasoning for thinking he can still produce at pre-Angels levels is that he still gets stage fright.

T.R. Sullivan says that Chi Chi Gonzalez is expected to start Saturday because Ross Detwiler is on the DL with a case of being terrible.

Save us, Gallardo, you're our only hope!

T.R. Sullivan has a recap of last night's loss.

And, finally, here's an article about a reporter taking a flight in a V-22 Osprey.