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Texas Two-Step: Rangers remind Astros that they're the Astros

The Rangers did it. Our long nightmare is over. It only took a month but the Rangers have finally won consecutive games and a baseball series

Magic Wandy
Magic Wandy
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Wait a second. Was Houston supposed to be good at baseball again or something? I kept hearing about how the Astros were good finally. Thankfully, the Rangers arrived to set things right.

Player of the Game: The offense had a lot of nice things going for it tonight with a two-run double from Prince Fielder and two-run dong from Carlos Peguero to put four runs on Scott Feldman in the first inning. But the star tonight was former Astro Wandy Rodriguez going eight innings of one-run ball which included retiring 19 straight Astros. Where the hell did that come from?