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12-16 - Rangers find Archer's quiver empty, win fourth straight

The Rangers continue streaking as Texas walks their way to a fourth straight victory

Cliff McBride/Getty Images

Only Kyle Blanks had more than one hit but the Rangers' lineup was effective because they let Chris Archer work himself ragged in the first few innings as they drew four walks, including two bases loaded walks. The big hit of the evening was Elvis Andrus' two-out two-RBI single in the 2nd that put the Rangers on top 4-0.

Nick Martinez scuffled in the 5th but the bullpen as a whole came up big to save him and help the Rangers to their fourth straight win.

Player of the Game: Delino Deshields had a weird line where he officially had only one at-bat but collected three walks, two runs, three stolen bases, and an RBI.