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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Anaheim Angels paying the Rangers to win games

It's a good thing Emily Jones doesn't have telekinesis
It's a good thing Emily Jones doesn't have telekinesis
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Did you miss yesterday's game? Here:

Just watch that on repeat forever and ever and ever.

Now that Josh Hamilton is back, ESPN decided to send someone out to cover the Rangers. Randy Jennings provides the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 4-3 series-clinching win over the Boston Red Sox. Apparently this was the first time the Rangers won on a walk-off pinch-hit double since Sept. 1991. Also, it's now just June 1 and the Rangers are already finished playing the Red Sox for the year. The Rangers took the season series from Boston 5-2.

Katy Clarke recaps the thrilling win which saw the Rangers take their first series at home and finish May with a 19-11 record for the month.

Anthony Andro writes about the walk-off as Hamilton's latest magical moment pulled the Rangers above .500 for the first time since last June.

It's hard to believe we've now watched more Rangers wins than losses this season. Nevertheless, Evan Grant takes a look at how we got here.'s Dave Sessions examines the latest example of Josh Hamilton going from baseball purgatory to big league hero.

You know things are going well when even Jean-Jacques Taylor chimes in on the state of affairs as he writes about the Rangers surging with Hamilton.

It can never be purely peaches and gravy for the Rangers as Jeff Wilson notes that Texas lost Adrian Beltre for at least two weeks with a thumb injury.

Sessions writes about Beltre's injury and what the Rangers might do to replace him over the next few weeks.

Before Beltre went down, on Lone Star Ball's Facebook page, we asked which Rangers' prospect you're most anxious to see in Arlington. Most people want to see Joey Gallo. I'd imagine that's truer now than it was just 20 or so hours ago.

Wilson has notes on Hamilton's scheduled day off yesterday, Matt Harrison's rehab efforts, and a slew of injury updates.

Finally, Mark Townsend of the Big League Stew notes that Jerry Dior, the man who designed the MLB logo, has died at the age of 82.