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31-29 - Rangers offense snoozes through series loss in Oakland

Billy Burns introduces himself to the Ranger fan doghouse as Texas loses its first series in their last seven

The new Ryan Sweeney
The new Ryan Sweeney
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Rangers had the best road record in baseball and then lost two straight games to the team with the worst record in the American League and a 9-18 record at home. The A's had lost the last six games in which Scott Kazmir pitched. Chi Chi Gonzalez hadn't allowed a run in his major league career before allowing one in the first inning. That run would hold up as the Rangers did nothing at the plate before the A's tacked on six runs in the 8th.

You tried to predict baseball but everyone hates you now and your wife left you for that guy who's super into German-style board games. Way to go, dummy.

Player of the Game: Elvis Andrus collected the Rangers only hit. Let that sink in, rest of Rangers lineup.