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Friday Morning Links

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Why are the Rangers hot right now?  How about a little something that starts with a "D" and ends with "-elino DeShields?"

Eager to forestall the return of "April Choo," Banister has quickly made nice with Shin-Soo.

Kyle Blanks said, of facing Scott Kazmir, "I'd rather face the best" because apparently getting on base is boring.

Yovani Gallardo says his problem is that he's throwing too many pitches in the first inning, which is true as far as it goes but I'm not sure rises to the level of diagnostic wizardry of House, M.D.

David Schoenfield has a writeup on Nolan Ryan's sixth no-hitter, which happened a long time ago yesterday.

With Kyle Blanks being activated, Spencer Patton received a free trip to Round Rock.

Rick Eymer and Trevor Hass recap yesterday's game.

Fox Sports Southwest had another mash note to Nolan Ryan.