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33-29 - Rangers send Twins to the gallows, Texas takes series

Only mother nature could hope to halt the Rangers today as Texas collected a million extra base hits while drubbing Minnesota

Gallo or Barry Bonds?
Gallo or Barry Bonds?
Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

You may recall, around the seventh inning last night, the Rangers hadn't scored a run in 21 or so innings. That seems like a distant memory as Texas swatted seven extra base hits and blasted Minnesota so hard that only the Gods themselves could pause the beating with a 7th inning rain delay.

Colby Lewis went seven innings and allowed just three runs to give the Rangers their ninth straight quality start. That's the most quality starts in a row for the Rangers since 1992 and just one off the team record set in 1978.

Player of the Game: In addition to having the best day in the field of his young MLB career defensively, Joey Gallo went 1-1 with the fourth longest home run ever hit at The Ballpark. He also walked three times, one of which was intentional. You know how they call it a "Maddux" when a pitcher tosses a complete game with under 100 pitches? Gallo had a "Bonds" today.

Gallo's dong measured 5,532 inches, according to Stefan Stevenson.