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Video: Joey Gallo home run, 461 feet

Joey Gallo hit the fourth longest home run in Ranger history today. Check out the video.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Video:  Joey Gallo home run.  Joey Gallo came up to the plate against J.R. Graham today, with the Rangers up 8-3 in the bottom of the fourth.  Gallo had walked his last two times up -- the second time intentionally -- and when Graham went down and away with a pitch, Gallo showed why he'd been pitched to so carefully earlier on:

This is the fourth longest home run in the history of the Ballpark in Arlington, according to the beat guys on Twitter.  Gallo's blast was 461 feet, trailing just Josh Hamilton's 490 foot blast, a 480 footer from Jose Canseco, and a Mitch Moreland 463 foot homer.

At this point, I kind of expect Gallo -- who is now hitting .306/.405/.583 on the season -- to have all the top spots before it is all said and done.  Just incredible power from the 21 year old third baseman.