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Thoughts on an 11-7 Rangers win

Rangers 11, Twins 7

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 11, Twins 7

  • What a weird game for Colby Lewis.  He went 7 IP, gave up just 4 hits, but three of them were doubles.  He gave up just one walk, but it was right after one of the hits and right before two of the doubles.  He started off the third inning with a 1-0 lead, and then went infield single, walk, double, double to make it a 3-1 game.  Now, the walk came on a 3-2 pitch that should have been strike three -- pitch tracker showed it was clearly a strike -- and both doubles were mis-played, with the second one definitely being a ball that should have been caught...but at that point, the Rangers were down 3-1, there was a runner on third (having advanced on an ill-advised relay throw home), no one was out, and it looked like Colby was in trouble.
  • And Lewis responded by striking out the next three batters he faced, the first three of a string of fifteen straight batters Lewis retired.  Had it not been for an hour-plus long rain delay, Lewis, who was at just 86 pitches through seven innings, might have had a complete game.  Instead, the rain delay ended his night after seven innings.
  • I tweeted when it started raining that it was an 11-3 game, and so the umps should just call it.  Anthony Bass probably wishes it had been called, since he came in in relief of Lewis, had a scoreless eighth, and then, after retiring the first two batters of the ninth, allowed the Twins to go double-double-single-double-double on him, scoring four runs and forcing Jeff Banister to go to Jon Edwards to get the final out.  Shawn Tolleson was warming, as well, and if Edwards hadn't gotten his one batter, I think Banister was going to bring Tolleson into the game.
  • The bats had a big day, tying the game back up after Lewis gave up three in the top of the third with a Shin-Soo Choo RBI single and a Mitch Moreland RBI double.  Texas then put up a six spot in the bottom of the fourth, on a Delino DeShields double, a Prince Fielder fielder's choice, a three run Mitch Moreland homer, and then a mammoth, moonshot home run by Joey Gallo that was measured at either 460 feet or 471 feet, depending on which source you look at.  Either way, it was an incredible, upper-deck shot that put an exclamation point on a 6 run fourth inning.
  • Every Ranger starter had at least one hit.  Joey Gallo only had one hit -- that huge home run -- but he also had three walks, moving his line on the season to .306/.405/.583.  DeShields had a pair of doubles.  Moreland had a single to go with his home run.  Choo had a pair of singles, a double and a walk.  Fielder and Robinson Chirinos had two hits days.
  • Aside from some ugliness in the outfield in the third inning, and Bass being unable to get the final out, there was really nothing to be bothered by today.  Well, the rain delay, I guess.  But really, it was a fun game with Colbyashi pitching well and the Rangers putting up a lot of runs.
  • Texas is now just 1.5 games out of first place in the A.L. West, since Houston lost today.  Just keep hanging around there, guys.