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Mike Matuella and Eric Jenkins: Texas Rangers sign Matuella, Jenkins

The Rangers have officially signed 2nd round pick Eric Jenkins and 3rd round pick Mike Matuella

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Matuella and Eric Jenkins, the Texas Rangers' 3rd and 2nd round draft picks in the 2015 MLB Draft, are both in Arlington getting physicals, per the beat guys on Twitter, and it sounds like an announcement on them being signed could come as soon as tomorrow.

Matuella, a righthanded pitcher from Duke University, was considered a potential #1 overall selection this year before Tommy John surgery ended his season in April.  Still, if healthy (and he has back issues as well as the elbow surgery to deal with), he's likely the top college pitcher in this draft, and would be a great deal for Texas with a third round pick.

Jenkins, a high school outfielder from FloridaNorth Carolina (ed. note -- sorry, I was thinking about that raccoon that was riding on an alligator when typing this), was the Rangers' second round pick, and is seen as a toolsy, fast center fielder with good bat speed that should help him hit for average, if not power.

Kip Fagg has said that the Rangers' top four choices -- the already-signed college RHPs Dillon Tate and Jake Lemaine, along with Matuella and Jenkins -- were among the top 20 players on their board.

UPDATE -- John Blake just tweeted that the Rangers have signed Matuella and Jenkins, so they are officially part of the Rangers organization now.

UPDATE II -- Per Jim Callis, Eric Jenkins got a $2M bonus -- his slot figure was $1,360,100, so he eats up a big chunk of the Rangers' savings for signing Tate and their 7-10th rounders below slot.

UPDATE III -- Also per Callis, Matuella also got a $2M bonus -- his slot was $777K.  Between Jenkins and Matuella, I'm thinking the Rangers have used most of their slot savings from other spots, and probably aren't in a position to do much else in the way of above-slot deals for the rest of their class.