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Wednesday Morning Links

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The latest DMN podcast asks the question "Joey Gallo, isn't he something," and then beats you down with Cowboys crap.

Shawn Tolleson is the new Ranger closer.  Long live Shawn Tolleson.

MLB will penalize the Rangers for making it rain in the draft pool.

Chi Chi Gonzalez continues to impress and Chirinos gonna Chirinos.

Evan Grant's five sentences are all literary criticism of a Jeff Banister koan.

Prince Fielder blames a sniper in the stands for falling on his face last night.  Fortunately, he got a favorable respawn right at third base, so it's all good.

Randy Jennings has some rapid reactions to last night's win.

Cody Stavenhagen says that Shawn Tolleson's new role was awarded largely on the strength of the swimsuit competition.

Ken Gurnick and Cody Stavenhagen go all recap on your ass.

Stavenhagen reviews Gonzalez's fourth career start.

Chris Landers has a "Prince Fielder falls down" retrospective, featuring all the times Prince has comically crashed to the ground.

Finally, just to clarify: sometimes the morning links involve a bunch of cryptic jokes.  I do that because it amuses me, and doing the links is often tedious and boring.  Sometimes the morning links are like the above.  I run an animal shelter, and we started from scratch with no employees and no fundraising base.  I work 60 hours a week, and sometimes I just don't have it in me to try to think up jokes.  For whatever reason, the last few weeks has featured a lot of kibitzing about that, coinciding with a time when I've basically just been largely just putting the links out there with one sentence descriptions.  So, a suggestion: hover over the links if you can't figure out what the link might be.  Or click and hit the back button.  These links aren't being delivered by carrier pigeon, and there are a lot of tools to solve your problem.