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Finding Room for Joey Gallo

Once everyone is healthy, Joey Gallo doesn't have a position. Is there a way for him to stay with the big league club?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When Adrian Beltre injured his thumb there was immediate buzz from Rangers fans about bringing up Joey Gallo.  That buzz had happened before but this time it wasn't quickly dismissed.  Beat writers and those around the team talked about it as a legitimate possibility that probably wouldn't happen, but was being considered.

Then the news broke, Gallo is getting the call up but it's only temporary.  No matter what, he's being sent down to AAA in a few weeks when Adrian Beltre is healthy because there's not really any room for him to play with Adrian Beltre, Prince Fielder, Mitch Moreland, Josh Hamilton and Shin Soo Choo taking up 3B, DH, 1B, LF and RF.  The only other options are up the middle with C, 2B, SS and CF.  And while there has been some whimsical speculation by a few fans of perhaps Josh in CF none of those six players can play an up the middle position.

However, I recently saw an article (that I can't find) that indicated the Rangers believe that 140 games is closer to the ideal to keep players fresh and healthy rather than 155+ or more that has historically been done.  That leads me to believe the Rangers are considering utilizing a revolving off day for the six players they have for five spots.

You would have something like:

Prince Fielder: DH, 1B
Mitch Moreland: 1B
Josh Hamilton: LF, RF, DH
Shin Soo Choo: RF, DH
Adrian Beltre: 3B, DH
Joey Gallo: 3B, LF

Each player would be playing five out of every six games which over a 162 game season would be 135 games.  Less than a typical regular but perhaps beneficial given that Gallo and Moreland are the only two players under 30 of this group, and Mitch turns 30 in September.

Realistically it would probably not be a straight rotation since you'd still want Beltre's bat in the lineup against a left handed pitcher even if it was his "turn" to take a day off.  Some players may also get more than their share of days off because of nagging items and this also doesn't alleviate the overly left handed nature of the Rangers lineup.

Ideally you'd have a Ryan Rua or Kyle Blanks as a right handed bench player to give days off and pinch hit, but the Rangers may prefer to have more of Gallo's power and more rest for their older players than the typical bench player, especially considering the buzz and popularity he's already created.

For the rest of the bench DeLino DeShields' role would likely be as a platoon partner with Leonys, with whomever isn't starting as a regular pinch runner or defensive replacement.  And either Adam Rosales or Hanser Alberto would be the extra infielder to go with Carlo Corporan as the second catcher.

It could be that the Rangers go a different route and demote Gallo to AAA and use Ryan Rua or Kyle Blanks for the bench four corners righty, but I think a rotation of extra rest is something they may be giving consideration.  Which, of course, would all be rendered moot if someone gets injured.

EDIT: Both Jobu and GentlyDirk brought up similar points this morning in the comments