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27-25 - Joey Gallo is the personification of hype exceeded, Rangers win

Joey Gallo is here and baseball will never be the same again

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

How often does something in life live up to the hype? Consider also the amount of hype Joey Gallo has elicited in his brief but dynamic minor league career. It would have been impossible for him to reach those expectations in his Major League debut, right? Imagine tonight that Joey Gallo exceeded that hype in every way imaginable and you have an idea of what we just witnessed.

Gallo -- baseball's most powerful prospect in a game bereft in long balls -- arrived in Arlington and collected his first big league hit in his first big league at-bat via a two-run RBI single that rocketed past the White Sox first baseman. That would have been enough. But I suppose we'll quickly learn that Joey Gallo isn't about merely "enough."

In Gallo's next at-bat, he blasted a two-run dong into the upper deck. It was the kind of mammoth no-doubter of a shot that everyone anticipated but no one figured he would deliver just yet. He did anyway. In his second at-bat as major leaguer. Because he's Joey Gallo. He broke the franchise record for RBIs in a debut by the third inning. And he made his father cry in the stands with his mother.

Chuck Morgan hit the button to play the theme to The Natural before the ball cleared the outfield. Prince Fielder directed Gallo to the top step for a curtain call. The crowd chanted his name. It was the rarest event. Hype was exceeded.

That would have been way more than enough. In Gallo's third at-bat, he hit a double to the gap that hit off the top of the wall that again had Chuck hit the button because Joey Gallo hit the ball.

Gallo struck out in his fourth at-bat because Joey Gallo is going to strike out. In his fifth and final at-bat, Gallo drew a walk. Gallo will do that too.

Joey Gallo, with all the hype piled on him that you could imagine finished his first night as a big leaguer 3-4 with a home run, double, single, four RBI, a walk and three runs scored.

Joey Gallo will tell you when you've had enough.

Player of the Game: Colby Lewis went seven innings of two-run sorry. There will be statues of Joey Gallo erected in Arlington before we're old men.