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Thoughts on a 3-2 Rangers loss

ChiSox 3, Rangers 2

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

ChiSox 3, Rangers 2

  • That was a frustrating game.  Frustrating in part because the Rangers couldn't get anything going offensively, getting just four singles and three walks, frustrating in part because the ChiSox had runners on constantly it seemed.  Nick Martinez went 6 IP and allowed just 3 runs, just 2 of them earned, but gave up six hits, three walks, and hit three batters, while a pair of runners got on due to Elvis Andrus errors.  30 batters is a bunch to face in just six innings, and giving up just three runs while doing so is a minor miracle.
  • Both Ranger runs scored in the fifth, when the Rangers got half of their hits and one of their walks.  Ryan Rua started the inning with an infield single, was wild pitched to second, and then Adam Rosales walked (he walked in each of his two plate appearances today).  Leonys Martin sacrificed them over, and then a Carlos Corporan single brought home Rua.  Rougned Odor then hit a ball that looked like it would be a double play, but he busted it down the line and beat the throw to first, bringing home a second run.  He then got himself in scoring position by stealing second, but was stranded there when Shin-Soo Choo struck out.
  • The next closest thing to a rally the Rangers had was a deep blast from Leonys Martin down the right field line, which was called foul.  The umpires went to replay, seeing if it was actually foul or if it was a home run, and it was ultimately determined to be a foul.  That was one of three replays today, and every replay went against Texas.
  • Still, the two runs could have been enough for the Rangers to pull it out.  The two ChiSox runs that made the difference today scored on an error on Elvis on what should have been an inning-ending double play.  It was one of those errors that was all too common from Elvis in the first part of the season, that he had seemingly eradicated over the past month or so.  But he made a critical error today that allowed two runs to score, made a second error in the sixth inning, then almost had a third error in the seventh.  It wouldn't be surprising if we see Hanser Alberto at shortstop tomorrow, after a game like that.