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Wednesday Morning Links

Pictured: He's superfreaky
Pictured: He's superfreaky
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In an interesting look at team dynamics, Rougned Odor apparently doesn't have a bestie.

Here's an article about 8 things that you've never seen at The Ballpark (if you're following LSB best practices and hovering, the URL says 7 but there are really 8).

Evan Grant has five sentences about Cole Hamels.

Oh, Tommy John... the pipes, the pipes are calling... from glen to glen, and down the mountainside.

Josh Hamilton is on schedule to begin his next DL stint sometime in July.

Ron Washington's Oakland jersey is apparently a cilice.

Adrian Beltre is the kind of third baseman you don't take home to mother.

Evan Grant's postgame story talks about Chi Chi running out of gas in the sixth.

Former Ranger center fielder Daryl Hamilton was killed in a murder-suicide.

Matt Harrison reached another milestone in his journey back to the ML roster by getting involved in a brawl during his rehab assignment.

T.R. Sullivan discusses Ron Washington's penitent return to Arlington.

Josh Hamilton is nearing that special time when he pushes someone who isn't injured all the time off the 25 man roster.

Chi Chi wasn't sharp last night.

On the bright side, Adrian Beltre doesn't care about lingering injuries.

Elvis Andrus... great shortstop, or greatest shortstop?  Also: Rougned Odor!

And, finally, Opus Dei would you like you to know that The Da Vinci Code's depiction of mortification of the flesh with the cilice is completely nuts... you know, in case you formulate your view of the world through the lens of trashy fiction.