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Texas Rangers sign 6th round draft pick Tyler Ferguson

The Rangers have signed three more of their draft picks, including 6th rounder Tyler Ferguson

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have announced the signing of three more draft choices:  6th round RHP Tyler Ferguson, 16th round RHP Tyler Phillips, and 11th round OF Scott Heineman.

Ferguson signing is key, as the above-slot deals the Rangers signed with other players essentially forced them to sign Ferguson for less than his 6th round slot, or else lose a future first round draft choice.  All indications are that the Rangers' signings are below the limit whereby they would lose a future pick.

Per Jeff Wilson, Ferguson and Phillips will join the AZL rookie league team, and Heineman will have foot surgery later this week, which means he won't be on an active roster anytime real soon.

Ferguson, a college junior out of Vanderbilt, throws in the upper 90s, but couldn't throw strikes this year, putting up a 6.30 ERA in 20 IP with 35 walks and 9 wild pitches against just 24 Ks.  The Rangers will be looking to try to straighten out his control issues, which would make him a viable relief prospect.