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Wednesday Morning Links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

How about that Carlos Corporan, am i right?

Joey Gallo's mom cried when he told her that he was making his ML debut, because that's how moms are.

Michael Florek has video of Gallo's at bats, though you could really just watch that badass Game of Thrones giant swinging that tree trunk around at Hardhome, samsie sames.

Alex Claudio was optioned so that Jake Smolinski could come back to Arlington.

Josh Hamilton was out of the lineup last night with a sore hamstring and should be back for 4 or 5 at-bats sometime after rosters expand.

Evan Grant has a recap of the game and OMG Joey Gallo.

Ryan Rua is looking to become Ben Zobrist because there's a lot of contract in the Ranger outfield right now.

Evan also has five sentences about the Rangers and only one of them is about Joey Gallo.

Gerry Fraley strolls down memory lane by way of looking at highly anticipated Ranger ML debuts from the past.

Kris Bryant offered some bland congratulations to Joey Gallo for making it to the big leagues.

Detwiler had a rough rehab outing, but that's only because he sucks.

David Schoenfield takes a look at the current crop of young power hitters and says they're awesome.

ESPN Stats and Info wants in on some Gallo love, and so does Jean-Jacques Taylor.

Randy Jennings reacts all rapidly and shizz.

Josh Hamilton's injury came during his game winning double, probably because I taughed when Kendry Morales broke his leg celebrating a walkoff.

Colby Lewis continued his string of good luck against the White Sox because his enchanted hip gives him a +2 to all of his rolls against Chicago and also minotaurs.

Paul Casella labels Gallo's debut historic by doing some numbers hokery-pokery.

Gallo flirted with the cycle in his debut but the cycle "just wants to be friends."

And, finally, Bethesda's Fallout page has changed to a countdown (which will be winding down to 0 about the time this page goes up).  And Fallout is awesome, so maybe I now have an excuse to get a PS4.