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27-26 - All sales final: Lefty Sale dominates Rangers in blowout loss

Lefty-heavy Rangers against Chris Sale goes as expected as Texas loses its first in the last five games

Do the limbo rock woo ha ha haaa
Do the limbo rock woo ha ha haaa
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

LHP Chris Sale is invisible when viewed from a side angle, throws filth that looks like it's coming out of his neck, and every good hitter on the roster bats from the left side. It's really no surprise that the Rangers were overmatched tonight.

Joey Gallo struck out three times against Sale. It was as unfair as we expected. Still, Gallo only saw one Sale fastball all night in his second big league game because people are aware that he's different. In his last at-bat, not against Chris Sale, Joey Gallo hit a home run because he's Joey Gallo.

Player of the Game: Delino DeShields is probably the best rookie in the American League so far this season. Thanks, Nolan!