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Friday Morning Links

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Because I'm trying to go debt free, I will be doing the morning links until AJM is paid off.  At $5.77 a post, it's going to be a long time, Benji.  Open up that Ivy League checkbook!

Josh Hamilton blames himself for his most recent trip to the DL, noting that he didn't take adequate precautions when he pinch hit in the 9th inning... like possibly wrapping his leg or maybe refusing to do anything except sit in the clubhouse quietly blinking.  The blinking is only to try to ward off ocular keratitis.

Travis Demeritte has been banned for 80 games for taking Lasix, which the ESPN / AP article says is "used to prevent nasal bleeding in race horses."  That's an odd clarification, really.  How about, it's used by athletes that are trying to make weight?  Or that it's a diuretic used in patients in heart failure?  I mean, what does nasal bleeding in race horses have to do with anything?  Oh, wait... that's the 5th plague of Ian Kinsler, isn't it?!

Dave Sessions has a little more technically accurate writeup of the Demeritte banning, noting that the ban was for taking Lasix (not a component of Lasix) and that Lasix can be used as a masking agent (and not listing various veterinary uses for it).  Many tools in the steroid users arsenal cause water retention, and Lasix is a powerful diuretic.

A charity called Rae's Hope visited the ballpark and the kids got to meet some players and get autographs.  Less than 30% of them required Tommy John afterwards, so maybe the long dark teatime of the trainer's room is nearing an end.

Josh Hamilton going on the DL has opened the door for the triumphant return of Ross Detwiler, in much the same way Roman cavalry deficiencies in the Second Punic War often resulted in the triumphant ascendance of worthless foreign auxiliaries.

I'll take "Korean Hits that Aren't Gangnam Style" for $100, Alex.

Anthony Andro says that the Rangers finished off their homestand strong.

John Danks has fond memories of the DVD days, which seems like a gazillion years ago now.

Josh Hamilton is focused on recovering as quickly as possible because he's always got his eye on his next DL stint.

Delino DeShields calls Prince Fielder "Uncle Phil," presumably having caught some Fresh Prince episodes on Nick at Nite.

Evan Grant observes that Detwiler to the majors makes sense because all the options to replace Josh Hamilton in the outfield are terrible.

Grant also takes a look at Demeritte's suspension.

The Rangers are looking to get Kyle Blanks back as quickly as possible, and Joey Gallo is not in the mix for left field.

Josh Hamilton will be receiving an injection of platelet rich plasma in a futile attempt to ward off the cobwebby skeletal hands of time.

Aaaannndddd... AJM just added another dress to his wish list.

And, finally, let's celebrate the foreign sword stoppers in the Roman army.