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2015 MLB Draft: Texas Rangers take Brendan Rodgers in latest BA mock

The latest mock draft from Baseball America has the Rangers taking Florida shortstop Brendan Rodgers

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

2015 MLB Draft:  The Texas Rangers select Brendan Rodgers, the Florida high school shortstop who was the consensus top prospect in this draft until recently, in the latest mock draft from John Manuel with Baseball America.

Manuel's latest version is particularly intriguing, in that it has both Rodgers and UC-Santa Barbara righty Dillon Tate falling to Texas at #4.  The top three players in this draft have generally been viewed as being Rodgers, Tate and Vanderbilt shortstop Dansby Swanson.  Swanson seems to have separate himself from the pack of late, though, while Tate's stock has fallen -- BA has him dropping all the way down to #10.

I have thought for a while that the Rangers would take whichever of Rodgers and Tate drops to them, but I'm starting to wonder if Tate is still the clear-cut choice if Rodgers is gone.  Alex Bregman, the LSU shortstop, is someone the Rangers have been following, and BA thinks that he ends up in Texas if Rodgers is off the board.