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30-26 - Wandy wins as Rangers continue to climb in KC

The Rangers guaranteed their sixth consecutive series win with a victory over this Royals in Kansas City

You can do magic
You can do magic
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Now, I'm not saying that this Rangers team is definitely going to the World Series, but on June 6, 2010, after winning the first two games of the series, the Rangers lost the series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays to fall to 30-26 after their 56th game. Then, a year later, on June 1, 2011, the Rangers played their 56th game that season and beat the Tampa Bay Rays to move to 30-26.

Today, after the Rangers clinched their sixth straight series win, the Rangers are 30-26. Hmm, hmm.

Also, Texas is now 23-11 since May 2 -- which is now a majority of the season -- which is the best record in baseball since that date.

Player of the Game: Wandy Rodriguez continues to be a surprisingly wonderful steward for the rotation as the Rangers haven't had their top four starters for all but an inning this season.

Wandy went seven efficient innings of one-run ball against the Royals to pick up his third win of the year. For the season Wandy has now allowed three or fewer runs in seven of his nine starts as a Ranger and only one run in five of nine.