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2015 MLB Draft: Texas Rangers mocked to Cameron, Tate, Clark in latest mock drafts

The final mock drafts are out, and there's no consensus on who the Rangers will take at #4

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

2015 MLB Draft:  The Texas Rangers have the #4 pick in the first round of today's MLB Draft, and the final mock drafts that have come out have no consensus on who Texas is taking.

Keith Law's final mock has the Rangers taking Trenton Clark, a high school outfielder with good bat speed from North Richland Hills, at #4.  Clark is thought to be likely to go in the second half of the top 10, and so this is someone the Rangers may be looking to get to take below slot to save money for a later pick.

John Manuel's latest mock draft has the Rangers taking Georgia high school outfielder Daz Cameron, son of former major league outfielder Mike Cameron, with the #4 pick.  There are rumors that Cameron's asking price is at $5 million, which seems excessive, but that could be to get teams to pass on him so he can get a big bonus as a sandwich or late first pick from a team with a lot of pool money available.  Alternatively, the Rangers could pick Cameron, offer what they think is reasonable, and if he passes, get a compensation pick next year.

Meanwhile, Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo have their respective mock drafts up at, and while they agree that Dansby Swanson, Alex Bregman and Brendan Rodgers will all be off the board, they differ in their projections for Texas.  Callis has the Rangers taking UC-Santa Barbara RHP Dillon Tate, who has been seen as a potential Ranger target for quite some time.  Mayo, on the other hand, has Texas taking Cameron -- Callis says the Rangers "are one of the teams that has shown the most interest" in Cameron, but thinks they'll be scared off by his price tag, and that he'll drop to the Astros in the sandwich round or the second round.

We'll know later on this evening, one way or the other, at least.

UPDATE -- FanGraphs has their final mock draft up now as well, and they have Texas going with Clark, assuming that Bregman is off the board.

The consensus from everyone at this point seems to be that Swanson, Bregman and Rodgers will go in the top 3, but no one knows what the Rangers will do, with Kiley McDaniel saying no one knows who the Rangers actually like (other than Rodgers if he were to slip to them).  If the shortstops go top three, the Rangers are going to end up being the pick that sets into motion how the rest of the first round will look.