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2015 MLB Draft: Texas Rangers select Dillon Tate

The Texas Rangers have selected UC-Santa Barbara RHP Dillon Tate with the #4 overall pick

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

2015 MLB Draft:  The Texas Rangers have selected Dillon Tate with the #4 overall pick in the 2015 MLB Draft.

Tate, a righthanded pitcher from the University of California-Santa Barbara, came into the season projected to be a late first round or supplemental first round pick, but rocketed up the draft charts due to a plus fastball that goes into the mid- to upper-90s and a plus slider, with a changeup that some believe has enough potential to be a good enough third pitch for Tate to start.

Tate's ceiling is thought to be as high as any pitcher in this draft -- he is someone who, if he can stay in the rotation, projects as a potential #2 starter.  However, his lack of experience starting and his delivery has led to questions about whether he can make it as a starter in the pros, or if he instead will end up working out of the bullpen.

Obviously, you don't use the #4 overall pick in the draft on a pitcher that you think ends up as a reliever, so the Rangers clearly think he can stick in the rotation.